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Hi, thanks for reading. I am a 38 year's old author; I was born in San Salvador, El Salvador a little country in Central America. I studied law and most of my adult age I have worked in legal issues, but my real passion is philosophy; on this frame Psychology, science and history are my favorite topics. is my first blog; my personal space where I can share most of my thoughts. A PATH OF LIGHT AND SHADOWS is my first book and it's the way I share some of my experiences trying to find my self. My hope is this experiences could be useful for other people.

Un sendero de luz y sombras

Hola, mi nombre es Benjamín y les comparto “Un sendero de luz y sombras”.

En este pequeño libro he reunido mis experiencias aplicando “EL PROCESO DE INDIVIDUACION” de Jung. Está escrito en un lenguaje muy sencillo y ameno.

pueden encontrarlo en:

Pueden descargar el primer capitulo en:

Saludos a todos



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